The new barbie!

There is now a new barbie in the barbie team named Lammily. She is not only new but she is different. How? This barbie is not the typical tall and skinny doll. In fact, she resembles the average 19 year old female in terms of body shape and size.

Check out 2nd graders’ responses to this barbie:

“Second Graders React to Lammily and Other Fashion”

They like Lammily better than the other barbies because they feel like they can personally relate to her more AND relate her to people that they actually know. I believe that this is a positive change with the motto that “AVERAGE IS BEAUTIFUL”. This could improve the self-esteem of many young girls because it’s a change from the high beauty standards that surface our society .

Another fun change-this barbie is capably of literally doing more; like riding a toy horse, something that the other barbies cannot do.

Lamilly can be purchased at: Lamilly First Edition Doll for $25.



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