Make up wipes & cleansing oil!

As much as I love putting on make up, I also love to take it off to ensure that I have clean and clear skin!

My favorite make up wipes are the Pond’s wipes because they are saturated with a lot of liquid so they do NOT dry up like most wipes. Nor do you have to over scrub your face to remove the make up.



I love the Burt’s Bees’ cleansing oil, too! I heard a lot about how cleansing oils are moisturizing and effective. I was a bit hesitant to try a cleansing oil though because I have combination skin. I thought the cleansing oil would leave my face all oily. But, it did not! Instead it just felt clean and soft. And, the make up on my face all came off!


Innisfree sheet masks!

Korean beauty products are hot and happening! I decided to purchase a Korean sheet mask.

After looking around on Amazon, I decided to go for the Innisfree sheet masks because Innisfree is owned by Amore Pacific which is one of the top cosmetic companies in South Korea! Plus the Innisfree sheet masks are not too pricey. I received 15 different sheet masks for $15 with Free Prime shipping through an Amazon seller. Otherwise they are $1.20 each via Innisfree’s website.


Each sheet mask listed what it was best for. The first one I tried was the Acai Berry mask which said it was best for brightening and clearing. The website listed that it was also good for tightening and smoothing.

The mask fit me well, it was VERY saturated and it smelled good! There was not any sort of chemical smell. 🙂 I left it on for 20 mins and my face still had some of the product on it. The brightening effect of this particular mask was noticeable, too however I did not experience a tightening effect. I patted the leftover product into my skin and it took some time to completely soak in. My face immediately felt smooth and soft though.

And, guess what?!?

I woke up with a  baby soft face, too which lasted more than just a day. It’s been 3 days and my face is STILL softer and smoother than usual.

With that being said, I am definitely excited to try the rest of the masks. If you would like me to post a review about a particular mask then feel free to comment below.

My first Viseart eyeshadow palettes! Sneak peek, more thoughts to be posted later.

Frendsbeauty had an amazing sale a few days ago so, I snagged some Viseart palettes which arrived today!

I received a little gift bag that contained 2 samples of Stilazzi matte blushes, some stickers, a Stila waterproof liquid eye liner in intense black and an Anthony Instant Fix Oil Control.


The eyeshadow palettes that I purchased:

Paris Nudes


Sultry Muse


I had such a hard time trying to decide which one to get because they both seemed so pretty so, I decided to take advantage of the sale plus they are both out of stock via Sephora. I hope Viseart lives up to the high expectations that I have for it. I have heard so many great things about the quality of their make up.

Excited to try these out and then I’ll share my thoughts sooner than later!

Soap & Glory-Endless Glove 2-In-1 Moisture Mask Hand Cream AND Heel Genius Foot Cream.

Sephora has quite a few Soap & Glory items in their sale section-why?

Screenshot from Soap & Glory’s Website explains it all:


I was in need of an effective hand and foot moisturizer.

So, I purchased:


1.  Soap & Glory-Endless Glove 2-in-1 Moisture Mask & Hand Cream. A must try!

The moisture mask part of this item caught my attention. Product claims to last 12 hours overnight. I tried and guess what? It actually did succeed in keeping my hands moisturized overnight! Definitely impressedhaving to reapply lotion to keep your hands soft can be frustrating. Ended up ordering more! Plus it smells SO good!

Price: $13.20 instead of $22.00
@ Sephora

2. Soap & Glory-Heel Genius Foot Cream.

I put this on at night as well and my feet were a lot softer instantly. We use our feet all the time so, we should take care of them. This product did the job very well but I had higher expectations for it because of the hand moisturizer – the effects of this were not as lasting BUT it does not claim to last 12 hours and it’s supposed to be used nightly so, that being said-I will repurchase it when I run out and it’s available again!

Price $10.80 instead of $18.00-SOLD OUT @ Sephora but you can still buy it soon elsewhere. 🙂

Bite Beauty Butter Cream Lipstick-Hazelnut


Decided to try out one of the new Bite Beauty lipsticks. Bite Beauty has gained popularity because the lipsticks are natural and organic.

I love neutral/nude shades so, I had to try the shade Hazelnut which is described as a brown pink. These lipsticks are supposed to be universal and creamy like butter. A new concept has been introduced, referred to as the “hand cut bullet”. The top is cut off and flat.


I thought it would be tough to apply lipstick with a flat top but the shade and texture make up for it-although personally, I prefer the traditional lipstick cut.


Hazelnut is a nice neutral color! And, it definitely is luxuriously creamy, glides on!20150404_141558-1



Swatch on tissue.

Price: $28.00.
Can be bought at Sephora.

Benefit’s Fake Up Concealer.

I have never really applied under eye concealer because:

  • Many formulas were too oily-caused acne.
  • Some were too thick-clogged up pores-acne, were more prone to looking cakey and showing creases.
  • I don’t have dark under eye circles that are too noticeable.

However, I found a great deal on Benefit’s Fake Up recently.


I had seen a friend with a lot of under eye hyperpigmentation apply Fake Up and the results were impressive! So, I decided to try it out for myself in the shade medium.


I swiped it on directly in a triangle shape under my eye and then I used my Hakuhodo J214R brush to blend it in.

And…I loved it!

  • So easy to blend right in, lightweight and silky plus crease free!
  • Was not irritating.
  • Did not cause any acne.
  • Brightened up the under eye area, definitely made me look awake!

Some beneficial ingredients:

  • Vitamin E-moisturizing.
  • Apple seed extract-helps conceal dark circles.

Can be purchased at:


Benefit Cosmetics-$24


It Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Celebration Matte Eyeshadow Palette


The Naturally Pretty Celebration palette is a matte eyeshadow palette with 14 matte shades! I do not have as many matte palettes as I do shimmery palettes so, this was something I had to buy!

It also has one transforming shade. The point of that is so, that you may sweep it on top of the matte shade and transform the matte shadow into a slightly shimmering pearly shadow. You may also cover your brush with a matte shade, then the transforming shade and then apply the shadow onto your lid. I thought that was pretty cool and convenient.

It comes in a shimmery silver case which is some sort of cardboard material. It looks cute but I do wish they had used metal though.


The actual eyeshadow:


Shades as described by It Cosmetics:

  • Snow Angel – matte soft cream
  • Champagne – matte pale peach
  • Cozy – matte soft ginger
  • Warm Wishes – matte beige
  • Pink Miracle – matte smokey melon
  • Peace – matte tea rose
  • Wonderland –matte smokey lavender
  • Hot Cocoa – matte mocha brown
  • Gingerbread – matte topaz brown
  • Toasty –matte smokey rose
  • Spice – matte cinnamon brown
  • Sugar Plum – rich matte purple
  • Starry Night – rich muted navy
  • Coal – deep matte slate

The colors lean more warm than cool. I definitely would recommend this palette to anyone looking for a matte palette. The shades are buttery and true to color! You can use them wet as a liner or dry as a shadow. And, the transforming shade is a plus!

Furthermore, the eye shadows have anti-aging properties as they contain:

  • Peptides.
  • Hydrolyzed collagen.
  • Silk anti-oxidants.
  • Hyaluronic acid

The shadows also have some other more natural ingredients such as:

  • Aloe leaf juice.
  • Avocado oil.
  • Olive leaf extract.
  • Grape seed extract.

This palette is limited edition but it can be purchased at:


It Cosmetics-42$

F.A.B. Facial Radiance Pads



These pads are:

  • Super easy and fast to use-just wipe onto a clean face, once or twice daily. I have found that just once a day gives you results but of course twice would be better.
  • Gentle, even for sensitive skin-can be used daily.
  • Contains natural ingredients such as: cucumber, Indian gooseberry, lemon peel extract, Aloe leaf juice and orange fruit extract.
  • Free of harsh ingredients!

Furthermore, these pads not only have toning properties but they also exfoliate your skin to reveal more radiant skin with lactic and glycolic acid.

Best of all, they actually work as described and make your skin glow! I have been using these pads and I have definitely noticed that they are effective. They leave my face looking brighter without causing any sort of unwanted reaction.

Can be purchased at:

Sephora 28 pads for $14.00 or 60 pads for $30.00


First Aid Beauty 60 pads for $30.00

The new barbie!

There is now a new barbie in the barbie team named Lammily. She is not only new but she is different. How? This barbie is not the typical tall and skinny doll. In fact, she resembles the average 19 year old female in terms of body shape and size.

Check out 2nd graders’ responses to this barbie:

“Second Graders React to Lammily and Other Fashion”

They like Lammily better than the other barbies because they feel like they can personally relate to her more AND relate her to people that they actually know. I believe that this is a positive change with the motto that “AVERAGE IS BEAUTIFUL”. This could improve the self-esteem of many young girls because it’s a change from the high beauty standards that surface our society .

Another fun change-this barbie is capably of literally doing more; like riding a toy horse, something that the other barbies cannot do.

Lamilly can be purchased at: Lamilly First Edition Doll for $25.


Too Faced Shadow Insurance Primer vs. Urban Decay’s Original Primer Potion.

My skin type: Combination. (Oily T-Zone.)

I have always been a user or Urban Decay’s Original Primer and it has given me the results I want.

  • No oily lids.
  • No smudging.
  • No budging-long time wear.
  • And, enhanced eyeshadow/eyeliner color.

Ulta recently had a sale where the Too Faced Shadow Insurance was $10 instead of the normal $20. Yep, literally half the price. And, that’s when I decided to test out the product.

The results that I got:

  • No oily lids.
  • No smudging or budging.
  • And, of course enhanced eyeshadow/eyeliner color.

Both products gave me the results that I was seeking and left me satisfied. Now you might wonder what the difference between the two is.

Price: Both are $20.

Size: Too Faced-0.35 oz vs Urban Decay-0.37 oz, a little more product but not too much of a difference.

Texture: I  liked the texture of the Shadow Insurance better than the Primer Potion because it was more velvety. The Primer Potion has more of a thicker and harder to spread formula. They both leave my lids matte though. But, I would say that the Shadow Insurance is definitely easier to spread which actually makes me use less product.

Longevity:The Primer Potion improved shadow/liner color by just a little bit when several hours had passed, it was not a significant enough difference for me though-at all.

Preference: Either one because they both do about the same job but I definitely liked the texture of the Shadow Insurance better so, if I really had to pick-Too Faced Shadow Insurance but texture and the importance of texture is really a personal preference.

Both can be purchased at: Sephora, Ulta, Urban Decay, Too Faced and many more places.