Innisfree sheet masks!

Korean beauty products are hot and happening! I decided to purchase a Korean sheet mask.

After looking around on Amazon, I decided to go for the Innisfree sheet masks because Innisfree is owned by Amore Pacific which is one of the top cosmetic companies in South Korea! Plus the Innisfree sheet masks are not too pricey. I received 15 different sheet masks for $15 with Free Prime shipping through an Amazon seller. Otherwise they are $1.20 each via Innisfree’s website.


Each sheet mask listed what it was best for. The first one I tried was the Acai Berry mask which said it was best for brightening and clearing. The website listed that it was also good for tightening and smoothing.

The mask fit me well, it was VERY saturated and it smelled good! There was not any sort of chemical smell. 🙂 I left it on for 20 mins and my face still had some of the product on it. The brightening effect of this particular mask was noticeable, too however I did not experience a tightening effect. I patted the leftover product into my skin and it took some time to completely soak in. My face immediately felt smooth and soft though.

And, guess what?!?

I woke up with a  baby soft face, too which lasted more than just a day. It’s been 3 days and my face is STILL softer and smoother than usual.

With that being said, I am definitely excited to try the rest of the masks. If you would like me to post a review about a particular mask then feel free to comment below.