Benefit’s Fake Up Concealer.

I have never really applied under eye concealer because:

  • Many formulas were too oily-caused acne.
  • Some were too thick-clogged up pores-acne, were more prone to looking cakey and showing creases.
  • I don’t have dark under eye circles that are too noticeable.

However, I found a great deal on Benefit’s Fake Up recently.


I had seen a friend with a lot of under eye hyperpigmentation apply Fake Up and the results were impressive! So, I decided to try it out for myself in the shade medium.


I swiped it on directly in a triangle shape under my eye and then I used my Hakuhodo J214R brush to blend it in.

And…I loved it!

  • So easy to blend right in, lightweight and silky plus crease free!
  • Was not irritating.
  • Did not cause any acne.
  • Brightened up the under eye area, definitely made me look awake!

Some beneficial ingredients:

  • Vitamin E-moisturizing.
  • Apple seed extract-helps conceal dark circles.

Can be purchased at:


Benefit Cosmetics-$24